Flakked Pokinul MAD Lions Madrid

Flakked has officially left MAD Lions Madrid. The organization announced this on its Twitter. Recall that the 20-year-old Spanish player has played for the team since February 2020.

Flakked started his esports career in early 2019 as part of S2V Esports. A year later, the 20-year-old Spaniard joined MAD Lions Madrid, which by definition promised great prospects. As part of the team, the player reached the semi-finals in the SuperLiga Orange Season 18 and Iberian Cup 2020, and also took second place in the Iberian Cup 2021.

However, MAD Lions Madrid never managed to keep their roster intact. Eren left the squad two weeks ago, having played in only one championship. However, the future of other team members is in question.

The current roster of MAD Lions Madrid is as follows: