Hong Kong Attitude suspends operations

Sad news comes from the Hong Kong Attitude camp. Club officials report that the organization is suspending its activities and will not yet take part in major events, including PCS.

Former Hong Kong Attitude squad

The main reason for the dissolution of the roster was the lack of funding for the club. Representatives of the HKA do not deny that the organization will return to the competitive scene in the future, but for now they are ready to consider offers to sell their slot in the PCS franchise league.

The club appeared in 2013, and until 2017 it was called Hong Kong Esports. During the club's operation, HKE rosters entered Worlds twice (in 2017 and 2019), and also finished 4 times in the TOP-4 of the franchise league (LMS Summer 2016, LMS Summer 2018, LMS Summer 2019, PCS Spring 2019).