Nxi left FlyQuest Academy

On the official website of the FlyQuest organization, Hongan "Nxi" Dean has left the second League of Legends roster - FlyQuest Academy. At the moment, the further fate of the cybersportsman is unknown and who will replace the forester in the main team is also not reported.

At the moment, only Philip "Philip" Zeng remained with the FlyQuest Academy roster, and the rest of the members left the club's location and only Johnson "Johnsun" Nguyen was transferred to the main roster.

Hongan "Nxi" Dean was transferred from the base to the academy at the end of July this year and since then has helped the team to take 3-4 position in the LCS Academy League Summer 2021. The team also performed with him at LCS Summer 2021 and LCS Proving Grounds Summer 2021, but she did not manage to rise there above the ninth line.