River joined Dignitas

Dignitas announced that it has signed a deal with River. Previously, the 22-year-old Korean player played for the PSG Talon team.

River started his professional career back in 2018. However, the real takeoff in the player's career happened at the very beginning of 2020, when he joined Talon Esports. For almost two years as a member of the team, the 22-year-old Korean player became the winner of PCS Spring 2020, Mid-Season Showdown 2020, PCS Spring 2021 and PCS Summer 2021, and also got into the TOP-4 at the Mid-Season Invitational 2021.

However, the failure of the team in the 2021 World Championship forced the player to part with the team. In turn, Dignitas had even less success, completely failing 2021. However, the team left the players Akaadian, Yusui and aphromoo, as well as part of the coaching staff in the person of Invert and Jimmy.

The current roster of Dignitas is as follows: