The Guard sign Halo Infinite line-up

New additions to the Halo Infinite competitive arena. The Guard is joining the battles, having recently presented their squad in a team shooter.

The Guard Roster

The most experienced fighter in The Guard's new roster is American Victor "PiLEZ" R. He began his career at the dawn of competitive Halo in 2008.

The first PiLEZ team was the Status Quo team, but they did not stay there for a long time. He was sued to return to the competitive scene in 2017 to join Believe the Hype.

Prior to joining The Guard, PiLEZ also played for Puragotory and Nfinite. As for his teammates, they started performing on the professional stage in 2016 (Boamx and Brainstrm) and 2018 (Eli Elite).