Honkai: Star Rail Leak Unveils New Harmony Light Cone in Version 2.4

A recent leak has revealed a new Harmony Light Cone set to be released in Honkai: Star Rail version 2.4. Each update in Honkai: Star Rail introduces new Light Cones, providing players with additional options to enhance their units. These weapons are typically available on temporary banners that require Trailblazers to use Special Rail Passes. Occasionally, Light Cones are also given as event rewards, alongside Stellar Jades and credits.

Although Honkai: Star Rail is currently in version 2.2, details about version 2.4 have surfaced, hinting at exciting upcoming content. Beta leaks suggest that players will return to the familiar location of Xianzhou Luofu in update 2.4 to meet new characters. The Penacony storyline will be concluded, revealing the fates of Yunli and Jiaoqiu. This update is scheduled to arrive on July 30th.

New Harmony Light Cone: Poised to Bloom

The latest leak from credible source Dim has unveiled a four-star Harmony Light Cone called "Poised to Bloom." This new weapon features a passive ability that increases the wearer's ATK by 16%. Additionally, if two allies in the team follow the same path, Poised to Bloom's passive boosts their CRIT damage by 16%. The Light Cone will come with artwork featuring Honkai: Star Rail's Imaginary March 7th.


Poised to Bloom Details:

To upgrade Poised to Bloom, players will need materials such as Dream Collection Component, Credits, Firmament Note, Celestial Section, Dream Flow Valve, Heavenly Melody, and Dream Making Engine.

Upcoming Characters in Version 2.4

Version 2.4 will introduce a prodigal swordmaster named Yunli, who follows the path of Destruction. According to beta leaks, Yunli uses an HP drain mechanic and deals physical damage. Her skill restores HP, while her talent triggers a counter-attack when she is attacked. Yunli's ultimate increases CRIT damage by 60% and enables her to launch a special slashing attack that is reportedly stronger than her basic attacks.

In addition to Yunli, the update will also bring a new variant of March 7th, who will wear a colorful Xianzhou-style dress and wield a sword. While details about this Imaginary character are limited, leaks suggest that her abilities will focus on single-target damage. She will regenerate energy, increase an ally's SPD, and deal Imaginary damage based on her ATK. Developers have confirmed that March 7th will follow the path of Hunt.


Honkai: Star Rail version 2.4 promises to deliver exciting new content, including the Poised to Bloom Light Cone and intriguing new characters like Yunli and the March 7th variant. As the update approaches, players eagerly await these additions to further enhance their gameplay experience.