XDefiant's Latest Update Addresses Social Issues and More

XDefiant, Ubisoft's popular free-to-play FPS title, continues to evolve with its latest update aimed at enhancing player experience. Since its debut, the XDefiant team has demonstrated a commitment to responsiveness, consistently addressing player feedback and concerns through regular updates.

The game's launch was met with resounding success, breaking Ubisoft records by attracting over 500,000 concurrent users on its debut day and surpassing three million unique users within just 48 hours.

The recent update primarily focuses on resolving social issues encountered by players. Improvements include enhanced visibility of crossplay settings when in a party, rectification of social name display errors in the friend list, and fixing issues related to party invites for Xbox and PlayStation players. Additionally, a crash triggered by excessive activity in the View Party Invites screen has been resolved.

Alongside these social fixes, miscellaneous updates have been implemented to bolster security measures, rectify missing terrain textures for players joining matches in progress, and address an exploit on the PS5 platform.

Despite these welcome improvements, some players had hoped for more substantial changes, particularly regarding sniper rifles, which have been a point of contention since launch. While an upcoming patch is anticipated to address weapon balance, XDefiant's executive director, Mark Rubin, clarified that significant changes will be introduced in the next week's patch.


As a live-service game, XDefiant thrives on player feedback and engagement. While features like the in-game shop and battle pass offer cosmetic rewards, concerns have been raised about the absence of free skins, a staple in many FPS titles. While the XDefiant team remains transparent about future updates, they have yet to address the possibility of including free skins.

Responding to community inquiries on social media, developers have confirmed plans to introduce sought-after features like Search & Destroy mode and Killcam functionality in future updates, demonstrating ongoing commitment to addressing player concerns and enriching the gaming experience.

For a detailed breakdown of the latest changes, players can refer to the XDefiant Y1S0.2 Patch Notes, which encompass social enhancements, miscellaneous fixes, and security improvements aimed at refining gameplay and enhancing player satisfaction.