Expanding Horizons: How New Vocations Could Elevate Dragon's Dogma 2 Beyond Its Record-Breaking Launch

Dragon's Dogma 2 has swiftly captured the attention and affection of both new and long-time fans, becoming Capcom's most successful Steam launch despite initial reservations about microtransactions and performance hiccups. The unique open-world experience and engaging gameplay have overshadowed these issues, keeping players deeply involved in its expansive universe.

A key aspect that has stood out for many players is the game's vocations system, allowing the Arisen to seamlessly switch between roles, enriching the gameplay experience with diverse abilities and rewards. However, the community has expressed a desire for an expanded selection of vocations, feeling the initial offering was somewhat limited.

A particularly detailed and imaginative concept by Reddit user SippinEstus has sparked interest within the Dragon's Dogma community. This proposal suggests integrating vocations from both the original game and the canceled Dragon's Dogma Online, outlining potential additions Capcom could introduce to enhance Dragon's Dogma 2 post-launch. Among these, the idea of a Paladin vocation—a holy spell-casting counterpart to the Mystic Knight—and the reintroduction of popular classes like the Strider and the Alchemist from Dragon's Dogma Online have generated excitement.


Despite the enthusiasm for new vocations, a segment of the player base argues that such additions would be superficial without addressing the game's need for a more varied bestiary. The repetitive nature of enemy encounters in the wild is a common criticism, suggesting that future content updates could benefit significantly from focusing on enriching the game's array of adversaries.

As Dragon's Dogma 2 continues to evolve, the potential for Capcom to elevate the game further with new content and improvements remains a thrilling prospect for the community.