Leaked Trailer Unveils Insomniac's Canceled Spider-Man Multiplayer: A Glimpse Into the Multiverse Marvel That Never Was

A leaked concept trailer has recently surfaced, offering fans a tantalizing peek at what Insomniac Games' ambitious, but ultimately canceled, Spider-Man multiplayer game might have looked like. Known for their critically acclaimed open-world Spider-Man series, Insomniac Games first captivated Marvel enthusiasts with Marvel’s Spider-Man in 2018, followed by the 2020 spin-off, Spider-Man: Miles Morales, which featured the young hero stepping up in New York City. The duo of Miles and Peter Parker continued their adventures in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, tackling formidable foes like Venom and Kraven the Hunter, amidst their own personal struggles.

Shortly after Marvel’s Spider-Man 2's release, Insomniac encountered a significant data breach, unveiling several potential projects within their Marvel gaming portfolio, including titles centered around Venom, Wolverine, the X-Men, and notably, a multiplayer Spider-Man game. Dubbed Spider-Man: The Great Web, this open-world venture was envisioned to unite multiple Spider-heroes from across the Marvel multiverse in a battle against evil in New York City, though it was shelved well before the data breach exposed its existence.

The concept trailer, brought to light by sources such as Reddit user okangel12345 on r/insomniacleaks, features narration by Peter Parker’s voice actor, Yuri Lowenthal. It showcases an array of Spider-heroes leaping from portals to confront villains like Doc Ock and Venom in multiverse-spanning battles. Most characters in the footage utilize assets from earlier Spider-Man titles, except for a newly designed Spider-Gwen.


Exploring the Multiverse with Insomniac's Canceled Spider-Man Project

It remains uncertain whether Spider-Man: The Great Web was intended to precede or follow Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, though references to Venom and Peter's black Symbiote suit hint at the latter. The same leak that revealed The Great Web also teased a potential online multiplayer mode for Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, suggesting that Insomniac may still incorporate elements from the canceled game's concept into future projects.

While the authenticity of the December data breach’s contents can be debated, the leaked trailer for Spider-Man: The Great Web provides compelling evidence of Insomniac's plans for a multiplayer Spider-Man adventure. Although the project was discontinued, the concept trailer presents a fascinating glimpse into what could have been a unique addition to the Spider-Man gaming legacy. Without a release, the game’s potential success remains a matter of speculation.