Baking Up a Storm: Inside a Valheim Player's Marvelous Multi-Level Bakery

A Valheim enthusiast has taken to sharing their elaborate bakery construction through detailed screenshots, showcasing the structure from every possible perspective. In Valheim, where the game allows for the creation of numerous workstations, players often tailor their builds around specific functionalities, and one inventive player has taken this concept to a new level with a dedicated bakery.

Valheim introduces players to a journey through various epochs, from the Stone Age through the Bronze and Iron Ages, each unlocking new crafting possibilities as players discover different materials. By the Iron Age, the game enables the crafting of iron-based weapons and tools, including an Anvil and a Forge Cooler. Additionally, players gain the ability to construct a Stone Oven using 15 Iron, 20 Stone, and 4 Surtling Cores, with the latter being the most challenging to obtain. One creative player chose to center their base around the functionality of Stone Ovens, creating a full-fledged bakery that enhances the immersive experience of their settlement.

Reddit user PARTECK11 unveiled a series of seven images, giving a comprehensive tour of their Valheim bakery that acts as the heart of their base. This multi-level edifice boasts two stairways leading to various sections, with one staircase reaching up to the Stone Ovens. A view from behind the bakery reveals the considerable amount of smoke emitted by the three Stone Ovens. The construction materials are thoughtfully selected, with lower levels primarily built from Stone and upper levels crafted from Wood. Wood Iron Beams fortify the corners, while Dvergr Wall Lanterns light up the entrances. The balconies, adorned with Darkwood Beams, enhance the bakery's charming aesthetic.

Exploring the Bakery's Interior


The bakery's roof features a striking arrangement of shingles interspaced with Wood Beams, setting it apart from neighboring buildings that opt for Thatch roofing. The backside includes ten protruding squares, allowing for both Stone Oven placement and necessary ventilation to avoid the "Smoked" effect, which could harm players and reduce visibility. Inside, the bakery houses three Stone Ovens positioned behind a counter displaying various baked goods, including bread, Lox Meat Pie, and cooked meats. Adjacent to the ovens, a Cauldron and Spice Rack are placed not only for crafting purposes but also to complement the bakery's theme. A collection of Queen's Jam and other consumables is neatly arranged between the ovens.

PARTECK11's approach to creating a distinct building for each key function within their base contrasts with the more common practice of integrating workstations into existing structures. As Iron Gate Studio continues to evolve Valheim, the potential for new workstations promises even more creative possibilities for the game's community.