Rapid Water Acquisition in Enshrouded: Tips and Tricks

While water may not directly impact your health in the world of Enshrouded, it remains an indispensable resource for every adventurer. Staying hydrated proves crucial, with numerous recipes relying on water as a primary ingredient. Despite the absence of major bodies of water across Enshrouded's map, players can secure this vital resource by strategically visiting or fast-traveling to specific locations within Embervale.

For those urgently in need of water, the solution lies in visiting ruined towns and accessing wells. Longkeep, located near the game's outset, stands as a prime destination. The flat grassland surrounding it often becomes the chosen site for players' initial bases, making the Longkeep well a primary water source early in their playthrough. Scooping water from this well yields five units, with a cooldown period before obtaining more, or the option to reset the world by returning to the main menu.

Rapid Water Acquisition in Enshrouded: Tips and Tricks 1
Rapid Water Acquisition in Enshrouded: Tips and Tricks 2

As you explore Embervale, keep a lookout for similar wells in abandoned ruins. Typically found at the center of each town, these wells may not be universally present in every settlement. Some locations might lack wells altogether.

Rapid Water Acquisition in Enshrouded: Tips and Tricks 3

Unlocking the ability to build your own well becomes possible after rescuing the Mason and acquiring Masonry Tools. To construct a well, gather the following resources:

Strategically placing multiple wells around your base optimizes water collection. An additional advantage arises when exploiting player-built wells: scoop water, pick them up, and place them back down. For those employing this tactic, a visit to nearby chests for randomly-dropping legendary gear in Enshrouded is recommended. Advanced players can craft Improved Water Wells that boast more charges than standard ones.

Recognizing the importance of water, not only for hydration but also for enhancing maximum stamina and stamina recovery rate, establishes it as a vital consumable during adventures. This holds particular significance early in the game when alternative gear and food options may be limited. Adequate water is also essential for those aspiring to cultivate their own farms in Enshrouded.