Twisted Fates and Fatal Festivities: The Bizarre Conundrum Plaguing Baldur's Gate 3's Epic Epilogue

A devoted fan of Baldur's Gate 3 found themselves in a peculiar predicament while attempting to complete the game's epilogue. The issue stemmed from a series of unusual circumstances that led to their untimely demise in camp, repeatedly thwarting their efforts. The Epilogue, introduced in Patch 5, was intended to be a celebratory conclusion to the game, highlighting its beloved cast of companions and encapsulating Larian's vision for Baldur's Gate 3. Assuming players survived the main quest, a festive party, tailored to the choices made throughout the campaign, was orchestrated by Withers six months after the game's conclusion.

This Epilogue concept draws parallels to Mass Effect 3's renowned Citadel DLC, serving as a farewell for the player protagonist and their companions. However, unlike Citadel, which occurs before Priority: Earth, Baldur's Gate 3 seamlessly transitions characters directly from the final battle into the Epilogue party, leading to the peculiar issue at hand.

Upon completing the main quest, a player named Boomsta22 found themselves burdened with an unfortunate status effect known as Warding Bond. This Level 2 Abjuration Spell allows players to cast a protective ward on an ally, enhancing their Saving Throws, Armor Class, and Resistance to damage. However, the caster assumes the same amount of damage as the warded ally. In Boomsta22's case, they had a Warding Bond with Gale during the final battle, who, in turn, suffered from the Heat effect for seven turns. Unable to remove the Warding Bond or cool Gale down with water, Boomsta22's character faced an inevitable demise during the supposedly joyous Epilogue party.


Adding insult to injury, in this playthrough, Karlach's ending transformed her into an illithid. Upon encountering Boomsta22's lifeless character, she promptly informed the other companions of her hunger. The only conceivable way this situation could have been worse for Boomsta22 is if it had been an Honour Mode run. Honour Mode in Baldur's Gate 3 is not only the most challenging difficulty level but also results in the loss of all progress with a single party wipe, with death being permanent.

To address such issues in the Epilogue, players suggest that Larian Studios could consider removing all combat status effects. While the developers have been discreet about future content in the Forgotten Realms, players remain optimistic that Larian has more in store for Baldur's Gate 3 and its captivating characters.