RAID: Shadow Legends Unveils Epic Monster Hunter Collaboration for a Limited Time

In a groundbreaking move, RAID: Shadow Legends has revealed an exciting collaboration with Monster Hunter, introducing a host of new characters to the widely popular role-playing game. This crossover is a pivotal addition to RAID's dynamic content strategy, which has previously featured real-life celebrities like Ninja joining the character roster.

Launched in early 2019, RAID: Shadow Legends quickly became a sensation, drawing players in with its addictive gameplay loop and strategic YouTube sponsorships. The Israeli developer, Plarium Games, recently shared impressive stats, boasting 75 million downloads and over $1 billion in revenue since its inception. Since January 2020, the game has expanded its reach to PC and macOS, consistently rolling out updates across all platforms.

The most recent update, a collaboration with Capcom, introduces five new Legendary Champions wielding unique weapons and armor crafted from Monster Hunter favorites like Zinogre, Fatalis, and Rathalos. Among these, the Rathalos Blademaster Champion is available for free to players logging in for seven days during the event, running from January 9 to March 5. The remaining four characters will be accessible through limited-time RAID: Shadow Legends events in the weeks to come.

RAID: Shadow Legends Unveils Epic Monster Hunter Collaboration for a Limited Time 1

These new characters are more than just cosmetic additions; Plarium assures players that their distinctive weapons and armor sets mirror iconic Monster Hunter abilities, ensuring an immersive experience. Capcom actively participated in crafting this crossover content, ensuring satisfaction for fans of both franchises.

Beyond the introduction of playable characters, the collaboration promises a range of themed in-game activities. Plarium plans to release multiple trailers during the event, expanding on the game's lore and providing an in-universe explanation for how Monster Hunter creatures found their way into Teleria, the world of RAID: Shadow Legends.

This Monster Hunter collaboration kicks off just weeks before another collaboration with the Japanese gaming giant is set to conclude. Capcom recently announced that Monster Hunter Rise will be removing DLC content resulting from collaborations with Universal Studios Japan and Sega's Sonic the Hedgehog on January 21. Players who claim the content before this date will retain access indefinitely. RAID: Shadow Legends continues to redefine the gaming experience with these exciting collaborations, keeping players engaged and anticipating what's next.