Next year, Konami will introduce new games that will delight Silent Hill fans

The Silent Hill reboot had a rocky start: the Silent Hill: Ascension series disappointed fans and failed to unite them, quickly fading from the spotlight. However, the situation is expected to change soon - franchise producer, Hadzime Okamoto, promised to delight fans with new games and surprises in 2024.

Most likely, this will include the release of the long-awaited Silent Hill 2 remake. Players are also hopeful to hear about Silent Hill f and Silent Hill: The Short Message.

"In 2024, we will finally revive the game franchise. I would like to share more details with you. Fans, please be patient," shared the producer.

Additionally, a new full-length film is in the works, helmed by Christophe Gans, known for directing the first Silent Hill movie released in 2006.