It has become clear that one of the Yakuza installments will not receive a reissue in the future

In recent years, there has been a surge in remasters and remakes of Yakuza series games for modern platforms. However, fans were hopeful for a re-release of Yakuza: Dead Souls, a zombie-themed spin-off that debuted on PlayStation 3 back in 2011.

However, Masayoshi Yokoyama, the producer of Like A Dragon: Infinite Wealth, recently announced during a live broadcast that Sega has no plans to release a reissue of the controversial game, Yakuza: Dead Souls. Developers see no prospects for this project in today's market.

The original version of Dead Souls for PlayStation 3 received a lukewarm reception from the Western audience, earning only 64 out of 100 on Metacritic. According to Yokoyama, the game's concepts have become outdated over time. Currently, Sega is focusing on delivering high-quality content to the international audience of Yakuza.