In 2023, the revenue from mobile games reached $107 billion, which is 2% lower compared to 2022

From the recent report by, it has been revealed that the revenue of the mobile gaming market reached $107 billion in 2023. This is 2% lower compared to 2022.

The most profitable games turned out to be Evony, Lineage M, and Honkai: Star Rail. The RPG genre emerged as the most lucrative, generating $24.5 billion. Strategies claimed the second spot with $10.7 billion, while competitive games secured the third position with $10.2 billion.

Every week, users made 1.1 billion downloads of various projects, spending approximately $1.5 billion. Residents of China were the highest spenders, contributing $37.6 billion. The United States held the second position with $24 billion, and Japan concluded the top three with $12.7 billion.