Electronic Arts has decided to remove the anti-piracy protection Denuvo from the game A Way Out

Electronic Arts has decided to remove the Denuvo anti-piracy protection from the game A Way Out, which it publishes. This third-person cooperative adventure was developed by Hazelight Studios and was released in March 2018. Nearly six years have passed since its release.

A Way Out is designed exclusively for cooperative gameplay in split-screen mode. The game can be played both online with friends and locally in the same room. The idea for the game emerged when the writer and game director, Josef Fares, sought a way to create a long-term collaboration in cooperative play, rather than limiting it to short individual sessions.

The goal was to offer players an adventure with a shared storyline, where they could collaborate. A Way Out presents players with joint efforts for survival, including scenarios such as escaping from prison, motorcycle rides, robbing gas stations, and many other thrilling moments.