Rumors: the action of the new Bioshock will unfold in the 60s, and the release of the game may take place in 2022

Recently, journalist Colin Moriarty posted a video on his Patreon, in which he talked about the new Bioshock. According to Moriarty, the development of the new Bioshock is "very secret", but some information was found out.

According to the journalist, the game takes place in the 1960s in the city of Borealis, located in Antarctica. The game will be story-related with the previous parts of the series, and the release of the new Bioshock is scheduled for 2022.

The next Bioshock is being developed by the Cloud Chamber studio. This was back in 2019 told 2K Games, a series of prominent publishers.

Speaking of Bioshock. Earlier in the network there was information that at the upcoming The Game Awards will appear "father" Bioshock Ken Levin, who will present his new project.