T1 sign Swag, opening Valorant split

Information about contracting with swag appeared on the Korean club’s Twitter account. In addition to his gaming activities at Valorant, Braxton Pierce will be engaged in the creation of content on CS: GO and other shooter disciplines.

At the end of February, swag said that he was ending his career in CS: GO and would never return to it. Instead, he plans to become the best player in Valorant.

Braxton performed on the professional stage of CS: GO from 2012 to 2020. For eight years, the American e-sportsman has earned almost $ 80,000. For the most part, brax is known for taking part in a dummy match found by Valve as part of CEVO Season 5: Professional. The latter banned the player for fraud, in connection with which the American lost the opportunity to play in Valve tournaments. After that incident, the esportsman played in only a few championships, which were not covered by the ban from Valve.