Steam published poll results for January 2020

Valve released the results of the January survey of the equipment, which examines the systems and components used by players using Steam platform. In January 2020 was the most popular graphics card Nvidia GeForce GTX 1060, often choose Intel processors (though AMD is gradually starting to catch up), and more and more people have more than 8 GB of RAM in their machines.

When it comes to the processor, the Intel still reigns, although more and more people are confident in AMD's devices. 21 % of Steam users already have red processors, and as a reminder, there were 16 % a month ago.

Processors with four cores on - are still the most preferred, but the players are gradually beginning to move equipment from AMD or Intel with a minimum of six cores.

Most people that use Steam, choose Windows 10, whose popularity has increased in comparison with the previous month by more than 7%. Most players using 16 GB of RAM (38, 27%), although 8 GB of RAM - still popular (34, 97%).

It is worth noting that almost every person using the Valve platform has microphone on his desk. Only 0, 01 % of players are not equipped with this important element of communication. The number of owners of virtual reality sets is growing - more than 1, 30 % of Steam users already have VR equipment.