CIS Rejects appealed to the fans

The CIS Rejects team, playing in the Dota 2 discipline, turned to their fans, speaking with a position regarding the war in Ukraine. In particular, the club opposed aggression and violence in any form.

I would like to start with an important point. Since we are not an esports organization, and no one is behind us, the players expressed their position on personal social networks, but we decided to write this text on the pages of our team.

CIS Rejects has always been a tag for players who couldn't find a place in other clubs. A tag that showed that thanks to synergy, mutual assistance, friendship, support and unity of CIS players, you can achieve high results and resist eminent squads. And we would like this to continue in the future.

During the entire existence of the tag, he was able to rally players from Ukraine, Russia and Belarus. The players of our team in the compositions of other teams visited many tournaments in Ukraine, each of us had a great time and was able to fall in love with this country. Some of us have parents born in Ukraine, we have friends, colleagues and just good acquaintances.

We are saddened to see what is happening to our loved ones, relatives and friends. We are against aggression and violence in any form. We are for peace.

Take care of yourself and your loved ones.

Recall that earlier the betting company Parimatch announced the termination of its activities in Russia. NAVI also broke off cooperation with the ESforce holding, which owns such assets as RuHub, Epic Esports Events, and In addition, the Ukrainian eSports organization HellRaisers has announced the suspension of its activities for an indefinite period.