Petr1k shared his life story

Today Alexander Petr1k Petrik spoke about the situation in 2014, Russia's treacherous attack on Ukraine on February 24, 2022, and other issues related to the war unleashed by the departed Russian president.

Let me share with you my life story. I grew up in a small town in the Donbass, lived there for the first 17 years of my life. Like no one else is familiar with the phenomenon of Russian propaganda. Because all these 17 years I was under its influence. When I entered the university in Kyiv, then, living in a hostel with guys from all over Ukraine, I began to hear alternative opinions on important issues of history and politics for the first time. I remember how, at the first class in the history of Ukraine at the university, I stupidly saw the light, because then for the first time they told me exactly how the noodles hung on my ears all these years. It was a turning point for my perception of reality.

In 2014, during the Maidan, I still could not fully understand what was happening, what it was for. Why do my "cellmates" in the hostel collect a backpack and risk their lives on the square? Only over time did I understand what the struggle was then.

Then, in 2014 or already in 2015, a gang of bandits with weapons seized power in my native Donbass with, admittedly, the support of ordinary people who fell under the influence of Russian propaganda (as I understand them, I myself was like that), and when I was previously expelled from my school for poor academic performance a classmate came to hang the flag of this stinking Donetsk republic in the school, I finally redeemed the essence of what was happening. I realized that it is possible to seize power only with the support of people, and their minds are easily influenced. And only because of the systematic influence of pro-Russian propaganda on the minds of people from Donbass, all these events became possible.

All these myths about Bandera, about the infringement of the Russian language, about Nazi groups and other nonsense - blatant lies that professional propagandists (and they are really masters in their field) have been telling people all these years. Already in the 3-5 year of the university, in pairs on the theory of mass communication, I finally realized how serious this weapon is. The picture is complete.

Ukraine 8 years nightmare Donbass? It is Russian propaganda that has been terrifying the minds of the people of Donbass for decades, and the Russian government has been doing everything so that a gang of bandits seized and held control over the territory.

Why am I writing about this here, because esports is out of politics? War is no longer politics. And nothing else interests me now.

I have no right to judge other people's opinions? Of course, I don't have people's opinions. I condemn only the opinion of orcs.

Now monstrous things are happening in Ukraine, the army of Russian invaders, hiding behind a "special operation", arranges the genocide of the Ukrainian people, but the "honest" Russian media, together with the government of the country, continue to blatantly lie to their people and feed them with brazen lies. To understand where the truth is, it is enough to look at the footage from Ukrainian cities, on the other side of the blue screens of Russian TV and the media, to see how the whole world united against the fascist regime, led by an old senile as president of the Russian Federation.