ESports events in the coming week (March 2-8)


FLASHPOINT Season 1: LAN Qualifier

(March 3-5)

The LAN qualification of the first FLASHPOINT season will be held from March 3 to 5. It will be attended by 8 teams. Half of them received direct invitations, while the other four rosters entered the tournament through North American and South American qualifications. The teams will share a common prize pool of $ 64,000 between each other and will play two invitations to FLASHPOINT Season 1. The prize pool of the latter will be $ 1,000,000, and 12 teams will participate in the distribution of money.

ESEA Season 33

(January 13 - March 19)

In ESEA Season 33, matches continue in all three divisions: North America, Europe and Australia. The best representatives of each region will go to the ESEA Season 13 Global Challenge, where three invitations to the ESL Pro League Season 12 will be played.

Dota 2

Epic Challenger League Season 1

(February 17 - April 12)

Epic Esports Events' first league season with a prize pool of $ 30,000. Eight invited teams take part in it. Information on the distribution of prize information is not yet available.


Overwatch League Season 3

(February 18 - August 9)

Overwatch's third league season kicked off on February 8th. Overwatch League Season 3 will feature a total prize pool of $ 5,000,000. About the playoffs, where the lion's share of the prize will be distributed among the best participants, no information is available yet. At the same time, we have the knowledge that $ 1,050,000 will be played in the off-season Blizzard tournament, and the winner will receive half a million dollars. There. By the way, there will be only four participants, two of whom will receive invites for the occupied third and fourth place in the regular season. Two other teams will have the opportunity to speak at the Midseason Tournament thanks to a victory at the Atlantic Conference and Pacific Conference.

League of Legends

Spring Split 2020

(January - May)

The Spring Split 2020 leagues in all divisions have begun. In each of them, one invitation is drawn to the second most important annual LoL championship, Mid-Season Invitational 2020. In addition to the invitations to MSI 2020 themselves, a prize fund is drawn in each of the divisions, the size of which depends on the region. For example, LPL Spring 2020 (China) raffles off half a million dollars, while in the framework of PCS Spring 2020 (Southeast Asia) cash prizes, apparently, are not provided.

Rainbow Six Siege

Pro League Season 11

(January 6 - April 13)

The Rainbow Six Siege League started in January and will end in April. Four invitations will be played in four large divisions for the LAN final, about which there is no information yet. This championship is the largest after Six Invitaitonal.