A meeting of representatives of CIS clubs was held in Moscow

The meeting was held on February 21 in the capital of Russia. Against the backdrop of recent events related to unwanted withdrawals of players, it was decided to create a charter, according to which representatives of organizations will act in a given situation.

CEO Natus Vincere, Evgeny Zolotarev spoke about this in his Telegram channel. Although Eugene said that “the clubs haven’t agreed on anything,” during the meeting important topics succumbed to discussion, and the leaders came to certain conclusions.

According to Zolotarev, club directors discussed the possibility of creating a transfer market with a specific player’s transition cost calculator. It will be calculated taking into account his salary, position in the team and the level of development of media activity. As a result, the parties to the transaction will come to an agreement that they themselves consider necessary, and not that which will be calculated in a special calculator.

Representatives of organizations came to the conclusion that players who do not fulfill the terms of the contract should be subject to penalties, and all transfers should be made only if they are observed.

The leaders decided that after the completion of the majors and the departure of the teams with qualifications, transfer windows will open during which representatives of organizations will be able to make replacements in their rosters. Now clubs can communicate with players directly, but before the start of negotiations they must notify the leaders of the rosters.

Despite all the agreements adopted, one cannot do without skepticism in this situation. Only the time will tell whether the new system will work "on parole".