Team SoloMid has stopped working with Snip3down

The leadership of the e-sports club Team SoloMid announced the termination of cooperation with Snip3down. Eric 'Snip3down' Vrona, 30, was not taken aback and has already found a new place to pursue his career as a professional player in HALO. The FaZe Clan organization became his new home.

Snip3down started out as a HALO player back in 2008, playing under the Instinct tag. During his career, he has played in such esports organizations as OpTic Gaming, Evil Geniuses, Team Envy and Team Reciprocity. He achieved the greatest success both in relatively recent time and in 2008. He successfully competed at the 2008 MLG National Championship and earned $ 100,000 there. For 2008 it was a lot of money. From the recent good results, we can recall the 2nd place at the Halo World Championship 2017, where the player and his team earned $ 200,000.

For the entire time of playing in HALO, the esportsman managed to overcome the bar of $ 400,000 in prize money earned.