David De Gea founded his own esports organization

Spanish goalkeeper of English football club Manchester United David De Gea has founded his own esports organization called Rebels Gaming.

The organization plans to create squads in the disciplines of League of Legends, VALORANT and Rainbow Six Siege. At the same time, it is noted that the goalkeeper himself actively supports the e-sports component of Rainbow Six Siege.

In Rainbow Six, the organization will be represented by the former core of the Wizards Esports Club - the champions of the latest Spanish tournaments. In the VALORANT discipline, the team is already playing under the name Reject $, while in the League of Legends the organization will be represented by the second division of the Superliga.

“The digital age and technology creates a field in which new opportunities and dreams can be developed. We want Rebels Gaming to become one of the global hubs for esports development, not only because of its competitiveness, but also because of its commitment to developing talent and the ability to inspire the younger generation. The fact that esports has become a professional activity makes this scenario an ideal environment to work on skills and relationships that are especially valued in any field. We want to increase motivation, leadership, resilience, and above all, teamwork. " - said the footballer.

The organization is expected to receive its own gaming center in Madrid, as well as a media and entertainment division with popular streamers and content creators.