V1lat condemned MagicaL for toxic behavior in rated play

Team Liquid player Ludwiu 'zai' Wolberg was broadcasting on his Twitch channel and during the rating match he was able to cover an interesting incident there by chance. Idan 'MagicaL' Vardanyan, known for his performances mostly under the Natus Vincere tag, could not resist and criticized his teammate in an extremely rude manner.

The Swedish player did not intervene in the conflict and left the incident without comment, but missed the opportunity to have fun and laughed at this turn of events.

MagicaL put it this way:

Can you buy detection? Buy Dust, what are you doing on Disruptor? We are losing the game because of you! Can you buy Dust, a piece of shit?!

The player replied:

What are you talking about,}} }} }}[talentless]trash. Shut your mouth, please. There the Sentry just stood there.

The ex-NAVI player was unhappy with the answer and told him the following:

You are a}} }} }} slut. Which Sentry? Buy Dust. I shit in your mouth. To wash me back,}} }} }}[fool], because I am your mouth}} }} }}[wobbled]. Schmuck}} }} }}[notgood]. Hrrr ugh on you.

Ukrainian commentator and esports activist Vitaliy 'V1lat' Volochay paid special attention to this situation. According to him, people who do not know how to communicate with the public should not play multiplayer games, and their lot is to play single players:

Damn, seriously. Why is that?

I don’t play Dota that much, but why do I never want to carry such game to voice chat? Why do people allow themselves to humiliate their teammates? Are these some kind of complexes from childhood or what?

Volochay noted that defeats are part of any success and one should take failures calmly. In addition, he believes that it would be nice to turn to psychologists to resolve such issues:

Perhaps I should ask some psychologist. This is some kind of nonsense. You play the game. Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose, because it's multiplayer. What should be wrong in your life, that you start yelling in the voice chat that someone is an asshole, a freak, and so on. Why would such people even want to play games with other people? If you don't know how to communicate, then play yourself in Thе Last of Us or CS: GO on DM. Why go to play a team game, where you have to communicate and act together with other people?

Cybersportsmen repeatedly fall into various scandals due to their inability to communicate with their teammates.

We recalled several high-profile cases that confirm the urgency of the problem at all times: