Maruti Suzuki Launches Metaverse Showroom

Representatives of the Indian automobile company Maruti Suzuki have announced that they are launching their own showroom in the metaverse. They want to bring the sales experience into the virtual world. Maruti Suzuki will soon be launching a VR network for these hubs, allowing users to experience their vehicles in a new format.

In order to look at the car, guests of the metaverse will have to find a portal via the Internet or on the websites of official dealers. This is not the first time automotive concerns have been seen to use the power of virtual reality to promote their products. Maruti Suzuki is one of the leading automakers in India, and then their example of providing a realistic car selection experience may inspire other companies in the future to do the same.

Their VR network will be called Arenaverse. Several cars will be available in it, and in the metaverse, customers will be able to familiarize themselves with the models, view them from all sides and communicate with consultants who will provide all the necessary information to their potential customers.

Representatives of Maruti Suzuki talked about their desire to acquaint users with their cars as best as possible. They have begun distributing VR headsets and have already provided over 700 devices to their dealers across the country. In this way, they will provide an opportunity for potential customers to dive into the metaverse and get as much information about cars as they need.

For now, these devices will mostly be in Maruti Suzuki stores, which will allow users to view even those cars that are not currently in the showroom. So the company expands the possibilities and range, along with which it increases the chances of buying their cars.

Maruti Suzuki is launching a showroom in the Metaverse. Photo 1

Shashank Srivastava, who is Maruti Suzuki's senior marketing executive, said the company will look to expand the functionality so that customers can visit the metaverse beyond the showrooms using their PCs or smartphones.

The automaker wants to meet customer expectations:

At Maruti Suzuki, we have made sure that our already strong digital journey is further enhanced to meet the demands of new age customers. We've taken this digital journey up a notch by bringing Arena, the country's largest auto shop chain, into the metaverse.

Maruti Suzuki is an Indian manufacturer. The Japanese company Suzuki owns a controlling stake and has influence on the decisions of the Indian automaker.

A similar idea has already been turned into reality by representatives of Fiat, who have opened a virtual showroom where users can look at the Fiat 500 and chat with a sales consultant to get the necessary information.

Another well-known automaker, Renault, has come up with a new way to use the metaverse for its own purposes. The company created a digital copy of its real factories and thus became the world's first automotive company to create an industrial metaverse. The latter will help them optimize costs and improve production and logistics processes. According to experts, such an innovation should allow them to save up to $330,000,000 in a few years.