L!nKz^ became Isurus Gaming player

After Isurus remained four of them after the departure of Maximigliano 'maxujas' Gonzalez, the management decided to enlist the support of the Chilean player L! NKz ^. Previously, he played with Rejected with his countrymen. Now he will have to play with the Argentines, which can create difficulties in communication both to him and the rest of the team. The situation, by the way, resembles the transition of XANTARES to the ranks of the BIG, when there were four Germans in the roster of the latter, who had to play with a Turkish player.

January 31 became known. that maxujas left the team after a year of cooperation. The three largest tournaments in which the team performed together with Maximigliano were ESL Pro League Season 9 Americas, DreamHack Masters Dallas 2019 and ESL Pro League Season 10 Americas. After leaving the team, the Argentine became a free agent.

L! NKz ^, in turn, already had experience playing in the Argentine team when he represented the colors of Malvinas Gaming. After that, he became part of Rejected and during cooperation with them could not achieve any sane results and did not go beyond the boundaries of regional tournaments held in South America.

With the arrival of the Chilean esportsman, the composition of Isurus now looks like this:

Nicolás 'Noktse' Dávila
Roberto 'reversive' Themtham
Gabriel '1962' Sinopoli
Marcos 'decov9jse' Amato
José 'L! NKz ^' Patricio Ortega
Rodrigo 'pino' Manarino (coach)