gob b finished his career

This does not mean that Fatih Dayik will break its ties with eSports. Instead of playing activity, he will occupy another position in the organization. In 13 years of his career, gob b has earned more than $ 182,000. In his statement, the German said that he wanted to spend more time with the family and asked all BIG fans to take a situation with understanding.

At the moment, it is not known who will replace gob b in the German team. BIG promised today to introduce a new player.

BIG Composition:

Johannes 'tabseN' Wodarz
Tizian 'tiziaN' Feldbusch
Can 'XANTARES' Dortkardes
Denis 'denis' Howell
Alexander 'kakafu' Szymanczyk - coach
Nikola 'LEGIJA' Ninic - Coach