2024 HLTV Awards Launch Show: Unveiling Dates, Awards Frontrunners, and Exciting Giveaways!

2024's HLTV Awards, formerly known as the HLTV Award Show, will commence with a launch event live from London on Monday at 21:00.

During the live broadcast, hosted by Freya "⁠Freya⁠" Spiers and Mathieu "⁠Maniac⁠" Quiquerez alongside regular hosts Milan "⁠Striker⁠" Švejda and Zvonimir "⁠Professeur⁠" Burazin, viewers can expect several key announcements. This includes unveiling the date, location, and theme for the main 2024 show, along with a mid-season review of award frontrunners.

The broadcast will highlight frontrunners for the role-based Panel Awards, discuss contenders for Rookie of the Year, and analyze the leading candidates for Team of the Year and Player of the Year awards. Additionally, a new community award will be introduced.

Viewers will also get an exclusive preview of the top 20 rankings, featuring insights into the Most Valuable Player (MVP) and Extremely Valuable Player (EVP) awards handed out across eight events in the first half of the year.

Furthermore, the broadcast will kick off the Golden Ticket giveaway, offering one lucky fan the chance to win an invite, flights, and hotel accommodations for the HLTV Awards. Tune in to learn how to participate in this exciting opportunity.


Key highlights of the broadcast include: