RUSH Joins Party Astronauts: A Veteran's Comeback to the Esports Scene!

Party Astronauts has welcomed William "RUSH" Wierzba to their lineup as the newest addition, stepping in to fill the void left by Colby "Walco" Walsh's departure to NRG earlier in March, just three weeks into his stint with the team. RUSH, a seasoned competitor, is making a comeback to the competitive scene for the first time since June of the previous year, after his exclusion from the EG Black squad's elevation to the main roster of the now nearly dissolved organization.

In July, at the age of 29, RUSH parted ways with the American organization, expressing his openness to explore opportunities as either a player or a coach. Despite not securing a position on a Counter-Strike team in these roles, he took on the role of a performance coach at Mind Body Esports in October.

RUSH teased a potential return to competitive Counter-Strike on March 11, mentioning his growing enjoyment of watching and playing CS2 following a period of downtime. His return was confirmed when he played a pivotal role in guiding Party Astronauts through the ESL Challenger Jönköping NA open qualifier on March 13.

The Party Astronauts roster now consists of:

With Luke "Viathan" Carstens serving as the team's coach.