ZywOo Secures Historic Contract with Vitality Until 2026: A Journey to Becoming CS:GO's G.O.A.T.

Mathieu "ZywOo" Herbaut, the shining star of Vitality, has committed his future to the French esports organization by signing a contract extension that will keep him onboard until the close of 2026. To mark this significant occasion, a unique celebration is set to take place today at the iconic Eiffel Tower. Here, the celebrated French AWPer will be honored as the 'King of CS', complete with a coronation ceremony featuring a throne inspired by the Game of Thrones series, crafted from in-game weapons.


With just nine months remaining on his initial five-year agreement from early 2020, ZywOo's renewal ensures his association with Vitality for over eight years. Expressing his continued passion for the team, ZywOo shared with HLTV his enthusiasm for the group he's part of, stating, "I'm feeling good with Vitality, I'm feeling great with this team, so I'm not going to move.

Since joining Vitality in 2018 to anchor the organization's inaugural CS:GO team, ZywOo has risen to prominence as one of Counter-Strike's all-time greats. His trophy cabinet boasts 18 MVP awards, nine Big Event titles including a Major, and five consecutive HLTV Top 20 placements. For ZywOo, Vitality is more than just a team; it's a family, a sentiment that has solidified his loyalty to the organization.


Negotiations for the contract extension spanned about seven months, a process that Vitality's Executive President Fabien "Neo" Devide mentioned was detailed due to the stature of ZywOo in the esports world. The end result is a contract described by Neo as one of the most favorable in Counter-Strike history, reflecting ZywOo's invaluable contribution and status within the team.

The renewal follows what ZywOo calls the "most successful year" in his tenure with Vitality, highlighted by their victory at the BLAST.tv Paris Major, contributing to their recognition as the Team of the Year. Beyond his in-game achievements, ZywOo has also matured personally, becoming more comfortable with media engagements and developing a healthy ego, crucial for his evolving role within the team and the broader esports community.

Looking ahead, Vitality aims to cement ZywOo's legacy as an esports legend, with ambitions of winning more Majors, and prestigious tournaments like Katowice and Cologne. As ZywOo grows, so does the vision for his role, potentially evolving into a leadership position to guide the next generation of Vitality players. Neo's aspiration for ZywOo is clear: to place him among the greatest in the game, akin to esports legends like s1mple, by achieving unparalleled success in the competitive Counter-Strike arena.