Forsyy Joins ECLOT: A New Chapter for the Czech AWPer in Pursuit of Success

ECLOT has officially welcomed David "forsyy" Bílý to their roster, securing the 22-year-old in a transfer from Entropiq. The addition of forsyy follows the departure of Guy "anarkez" Trachtman from the team in early December.

This move marks a return to the Czech scene for forsyy, who gained recognition through his contributions to Universe, Enterprise, and SINNERS before becoming a key part of Entropiq's international project.

Despite Entropiq's challenges, reaching a peak of No. 63 in the world rankings and falling short of LAN event qualifications, forsyy displayed resilience, boasting a commendable 1.10 rating across 107 maps.

Expressing his expectations for the new venture with ECLOT, forsyy stated, "I expect us to consistently improve and work on ourselves. The wins will always come. I get along well enough with replay, and I think starting this new phase here is a good step."

Reflecting on the previous year, forsyy acknowledged challenges but emphasized the learning experience and expressed eagerness for success. "Of course, I would evaluate my last year as a failure. I was on the bench, and when I finally joined the team, it just didn't work, and it was something different than I expected. But I still learned a lot of new things from the people I played with, and I'm hungry for success at the moment."

ECLOT's CEO, Martin Novotny, revealed that the organization had expressed interest in forsyy the previous year, with him even training with the team. However, a transfer agreement couldn't be reached with SINNERS at the time. Now, seizing the opportunity to acquire forsyy at a more reasonable cost, ECLOT believes this move is the right step forward for the team.