Evil Geniuses Bids Farewell to Counter-Strike: Unraveling the Turbulent Saga of their Exit from the FPS Realm

Evil Geniuses has officially exited the realm of Counter-Strike, bringing an end to their second venture in the franchise that commenced with the acquisition of the NRG roster in September 2019.

During their initial period, the team consistently competed in tournaments, briefly holding the No. 1 spot in the HLTV world rankings and securing notable victories, including ESL One New York 2019.

However, a decline in the online gaming era led to disastrous results from 2021 onward. Roster changes transformed the team into a mere semblance of its former self, contributing to a tarnished perception of the organization.

Issues escalated when a member of the organization displayed hubris following a single best-of-three win over Heroic, one of only two series Evil Geniuses would win out of 17 in 2023. A complaint lodged by the organization about a lighthearted broadcast skit at ESL Pro League, poking fun at them, further added to their woes.

Allegations of mismanagement and poor working conditions for staff within the organization emerged recently, prompting CEO Nicole LaPointe Jameson to step down while attempting to deflect blame.

The VALORANT team of EG faced difficulties as well, reportedly stuck in "contract jail" after winning the game's recent world championship. The organization requested pay cuts from the players while allegedly rejecting buyout offers from other teams.

Evil Geniuses' departure from Counter-Strike was anticipated, with a November report by Richard Lewis indicating their likely exit. The organization has gradually severed ties with the game, selling their BLAST Premier partnership spot to Cloud9, terminating the Louvre Agreement partnership with ESL, and withdrawing from the League Championship Series (LCS) in League of Legends.

Over the past two months, Evil Geniuses parted ways with various Counter-Strike players, with Timothy "autimatic" Ta and Colby "Walco" Walsh being the last members of the primary roster to leave last week. Many players received no acknowledgment of their time with the organization or announcement of their departure until now.