B1ad3 stated: "We will draw conclusions next summer"

Natus Vincere'sCS2 coach, Andrey "B1ad3" Gorodensky, reflects on the outcomes of 2023. The team underwent significant changes and a series of shifts, yet the coach perceives these transformations positively. However, the club will draw final conclusions only in the summer of 2024.

How would you describe the departing year in a few words? There were squad alterations. We started with NPL, then completely revamped the roster. One word - changes. Or you could say it's the dawn of a new era, as we often mention. It completely transformed everything. People were surprised by these changes.

Currently, there's an entirely different atmosphere in NAVI. The dynamics among the players have shifted, and the entire team environment has undergone a complete transformation. It's challenging to choose a single word to describe this. Let's say - "positive."

From the previous lineup, only one player remains - B1T. It took a year and several months for the previous roster to start winning. Other successful teams also played together for a long time. It requires no less than a year. We'll sum it up next summer.

- Andrey "B1ad3" Gorodensky