The latest updates of CS 2 have revealed information about slots for wearable items and pets

GabeFollower shared new discoveries found in the files of Counter-Strike 2.

"In the earliest concept art of CS:GO, one of the options for cosmetic items was clothing. And in the files of CS 2, mentions of six slots for wearable items have appeared again.

A similar character customization system has long been implemented in another officially licensed game, Counter-Strike Online 2, which Valve developed in collaboration and released in 2013 specifically for the Asian market. Considering that Valve often borrows ideas from its past games, it wouldn't surprise me if we see a full-fledged clothing system in CS 2 in the future.

Just take a look: here's the original character concept, here's the model that was added to the Asian version after a few years, and here's the version in CS:GO, recently added in one of the operations. And if you dig deeper, you'll find many similar examples.

I believe that the developers will simply take the logic from CS Online 2 and transfer it to CS 2, as changing a few agents to have different hats or body parts is not a particularly difficult task. Moreover, the clothing doesn't necessarily have to be overly flashy or extravagant. It can be designed to reflect the team's style or a specific agent.

By the way, it's possible that the addition of first-person leg view was made with the intention of a full character customization. And let's not forget the perfectly established monetization system from Team Fortress 2.

In addition to the six slots for clothing, there is mention of a mysterious slot for pets. By examining the code of the CS 2 interface, it becomes clear that pets are already a fully integrated part of the player's inventory alongside knives, gloves, graffiti, music kits, or agents. However, the exact gameplay function they will serve remains a mystery," shared Maxim "GabeFollower" Poletaev.