Last month, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive players set a new record by opening 50 million cases

In March of this year, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive players set a record by opening 39.5 million cases, likely due to the announcement of Counter-Strike 2. However, in April, shooter fans broke this record by opening 50.3 million cases, a 27% increase from the previous month. This growth was likely fueled by the addition of the Anubis case, which has an unusual mechanic and can be purchased at a fixed price in the game's store. Anubis was the most popular case in April, with 9.8 million openings, bringing Valve approximately $22 million in revenue based on the standard case price.

In addition, about 5 million cases, such as Dreams & Nightmares and Fracture, were opened after matches. The eSports 2013 case, which has not been dropped in the game for many years, was opened only 8615 times.

It has also been revealed that Valve has begun to restrict access to the Counter-Strike 2 beta for some players. Nevertheless, CS:GO continues to hold the top spot in the Steam charts.