Rumors: HEET owes its players €100,000

According to French streamer KRL, Belgian esports organization HEET owes its players JACKZ and bodyy a total of €100,000. It is reported that the club did not pay the buyout of JACKZ from G2 Esports and owed money to the player who bought out the contract with the former organization on his own. In turn, bodyy does not receive the required salary for several months.

According to KRL, HEET's first problems began last fall, when the organization encountered its first problems. According to the streamer, the club failed to recoup the money assigned to the project, thereby delaying payments to its players. In particular, HEET has to pay about €75,000 to JACKZ, since the esportsman bought his contract from G2 Esports and agreed with the Belgian organization on installments. At the same time, the streamer himself believes that the organization is deceiving the players and will soon leave them.

Jasur Avizov, chief operating officer of the organization, reacted to the information. He confirmed that HEET has experienced some issues in paying out cash to its players.

We really owe JACKZ the amount for his buyout from G2 Esports. Yes, we really owe the bodyy part of his salary. But this does not mean that the players have not received any salary since we signed them. We couldn't handle the JACKZ transfer on our own, so the player graciously agreed to pay his ransom and we'll refund the money as soon as possible. bodyy doesn't get his paycheck from the start due to some problems with his bank, so the debt started to pile up. As soon as he was able to receive the transfer, we started paying his salary.

The plan we had was to pay off in the fourth quarter of 2022. However, he was unsuccessful. Because of this, we had to lay off many employees in order to afford to support the players. We are looking for solutions and ways to get the money and pay off the players as quickly as possible.

In his letter, Avizov added that HEET, contrary to the words of the KRL streamer, is not going to deceive players and engage in fraud.

Recall that JACKZ joined HEET last summer, having moved from the camp of G2 Esports. In turn, bodyy has been the team captain since the signing of the Double Poney roster. Together, the esportsmen managed to win the ESL Championnat National: Autumn 2022, as well as reach the semi-finals of the CCT North Europe Series #2.

Currently, the French team is preparing for the start of ESL Pro League Season 17: European Conference. In the first round of the competition, HEET will play with Partizan Esports

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