Chiefs Esports Club and Marvel sign partnership

As part of the collaboration, Marvel's logo and merchandise will be integrated into Chiefs Esports Club products throughout Australia.

The cooperation between Marvel and Chiefs will be similar to the cooperation that we could see earlier between Marvel and Team Liquid, when the latter developed a new game form in the style of comics and started selling new products. Recall that their temporary collaboration took place last year from February 24 to March 15.

Earlier this February, Chiefs Esports Club entered into a three-year partnership with Bond University, which became the official educational partner of the eSports club. As part of this partnership, Bond University has pledged to contribute to the development of eSports throughout Australia.

According to reports, the collaboration between Team Liquid and Marvel was received very positively by the fans, despite the lack of data regarding sales of the merchandise developed during the collaboration. Thus, it can be assumed that Chiefs Esports Club can strengthen its position in the e-sports arena, and together with Bond University will be able to take computer sports in Australia to a new level.

Chiefs Esports Club is an Australian organization with CS: GO membership. In 2016, they also signed the Overwatch roster, which was completely disbanded 4 months after picking it. From 2017 to 2020, Chiefs were active in another eSports discipline, the Rocket League, which is quite popular in Australia. On February 6, roster disband took place and now Chiefs has only CS: GO roster.