NAVI presented a new roster of NAVI Junior

The Ukrainian esports organization NAVI has presented a new roster of NAVI Junior, which will perform next season. Note that from the previous convocation of the team, only headtr1ck remained, who joined NAVI Junior in September from the Youth roster. In particular, ami, the coach of NAVI Junior, spoke about working with young guys:

I believe that each new generation of players is stronger than the previous one, so we always give young guys a chance to show themselves. A new cycle began in NAVI Junior, for which a new line-up was formed.

Each player who passed the selection did his best: the guys stubbornly went to their goal, making numerous efforts. They are talented, hungry for victory and want to prove themselves, but they have a long way of learning and getting to know a new world for them - the world of professional eSports. We will try to help them become professionals in all aspects.

The new NAVI Junior roster includes latt1kk, nipl, UNBR0KEN and fen2k. All players passed the selection stage, standing out from the rest of the applicants. The organization also added that it will continue to accept applications from young players who want to join NAVI. The "ROAD TO NAVI" project is open to gamers from 13 to 16 years old who have collected more than 3 thousand ELOs on the FACEIT platform.

The new NAVI Junior roster is as follows: