SKADE said goodbye to KalubeR

The Norwegian esports organization SKADE announced changes in its CS: GO roster, saying goodbye to KalubeR.

As the season draws to a close, it is also time to evaluate our squad, and we have come to the conclusion that changes are necessary.

The 21-year-old Bulgarian esports player joined SKADE at the end of August. In a little over three months, KalubeR managed to become the winner of the IronWar Grand Prix, William Hill Cup and ESEA Season 39: Advanced Division - Europe, as well as take second place in the European Development Championship Season 5 and Pinnacle Fall Series # 1.

When we took KalubeR to the team, we knew there was a lot of raw potential there. And he managed to show us on several occasions that he has a lot of firepower. This time it all came down to the fact that our squad is in dire need of more experience, and therefore it is necessary to make changes.

According to rumors, SKADE is going to sign dream3r and bubble, which recently left Team Fiend for good.

Currently, SKADE's roster is as follows: