Eternal Fire presented the academic staff

The Turkish club Eternal Fire opens its own academy. The organization presented the CSGO roster of the Eternal Fire Academy.

Eternal Fire Academy Roster

The headliner of the squad is 20-year-old Fola. The Turk managed to play for Instanbul Wildcats, Thunderbolts and No Respect. The player has a Rating 2.0 of 1.12 and a headshot percentage of 55.9.

Plus KDA and 21-year-old Kenshin. The e-sportsman played in the same team with Fola, and the Rating 2.0 is 1.04.

It is not yet clear where we will be able to see Eternal Fire Academy in action in the near future. At the time of this writing, the team is on the 174th line of HLTV.