Endpoint closed the academy project

The British esports organization Endpoint has decided to close the academy's CS: GO project. As a reminder, the organization launched Endpoint Academy in early 2021. The project was developed in conjunction with the ROG brand.

It is reported that the organization has failed to implement its plans. At the same time, Endpoint thanked all the project participants and wished them good luck in their future careers.

The Endpoint Academy launch announcement came in January 2021. According to the press release, the organization hoped to develop young talents from the UK and Europe, helping them to build careers in the professional scene.

The Endpoint Academy division was led by Whitey, who took on the responsibility of finding young esports players and building a workflow. In addition to developing individual skills, the organization planned to increase the media visibility of players. Following the selection and trial period, the following players were added to the Endpoint Academy: Richardb0b, Klay, Dexie, vKEMPeN and Wolfie. At the same time, the last participant left the academy project back in the month of August.

Endpoint added that it has no plans to part with its core CS: GO roster, promising more news next year.