SKADE accused E-sports Gaming of fraud

The Norwegian esports organization SKADE has accused E-sports Gaming of fraud. However, the organization did not elaborate on how the organizers of the IronWar Grand Prix deceived it.

Literally a few days after the end of the tournament, we began to suspect that something had happened. Some admins started to ignore the commands, others changed their names on Discord, and some even just abandoned the platform. However, we still kept in touch with the “owners” and hoped that things would work out.

Unfortunately, while this process was going on, the same people managed to hold another tournament and cheat even more teams. This leads teams to miss other and more serious tournaments, players are depleted, and fans are cheated.

We no longer want to be silent about this, and starting from today we will definitely identify and expose everyone who does it.

SKADE said in a statement that this is not the first such tournament the team has participated in. According to the club, the organizers of the IronWar Grand Prix have already managed to hold another championship and thereby harm other teams. Presumably, we are talking about IronWar Series # 1 with a prize pool of $ 20,000, the winner of which was Team Unique.

Recall that the IronWar Grand Prix was held online from August 18 to 26. The championship was won by the SKADE team, which was to earn $ 12,500 in prize money.