Imperial Esports disbanded CS: GO

The Brazilian esports organization Imperial Esports has decided to disband its CS: GO roster. This was announced by one of the team's players.

“Hello everyone, it turns out we are not staying at Imperial Esports for next year and we are currently looking for an organization to represent in early 2022. We still have a couple more Imperial Esports to play before the end of the year, but the organization allowed us to look for a new home. We are currently free agents and our goal is to stick with the same lineup, "SHOOWTiME tweeted.

The current roster of Imperial Esports was formed at the beginning of 2021, adjusting during the season. In the summer, the team was joined by horvy and delboNi, as well as coach Kaos. During this period, the Brazilian team became the winner of DreamHack Open March 2021: South America, CBCS Masters 2021 and Circuito Good Game WP 2021, and also took fourth place in Intel Extreme Masters XVI - Fall: South America.

The roster of Imperial Esports is as follows: