G2 Esports interested in signing Aleksib

G2 Esports is interested in signing Aleksib, who is currently the captain of OG. However, negotiations on the transfer of m0NESY are still ongoing. This is reported by the famous French insider neL.

According to an insider, G2 Esports was interested not only in a new sniper, but also in a more reliable captain. According to sources, the European organization is interested in signing Aleksib. The 24-year-old Finnish player has been playing for OG since the end of 2019, but has never managed to win any tournament except for Spring Sweet Spring # 2.

The move to G2 Esports could serve as a promotion for the former ENCE player, but OG is unwilling to sell its captain. It remains to be seen if G2 Esports will pay the amount that OG will offer. It should be borne in mind that Aleksib is bound by a contract with the organization until the end of next year.

In addition, according to reports from the same neL, G2 Esports is the only team that intends to sign m0NESY. Negotiations are still ongoing and there is no certainty about the outcome.

As a reminder, maLeK, who has been coaching G2 Esports for the past three years, recently left the team. Swani's analyst will act as his head at the upcoming tournaments. However, the organization was considering an appointment to coach emi.