FaZe Clan analyst meets camera bug again

FaZe Clan CS: GO roster analyst Vyacheslav "Innersh1ne" Britvin shared a screenshot showing a coaching bug with a camera. Due to this malfunction, about 40 trainers were banned, after which it was believed that the bug was fixed.

FaZe Clan analyst encountered a camera bug again. Photo 1

Recall that a bug with a camera in observer mode allows the coach to watch the match from a certain point on the map and not get attached to any player, which can give an advantage over an opponent in certain situations.

It was because of the use of this malfunction in the game that FaZe Clan coach Robert "RobbaN" Dahlström was unable to attend PGL Major Stockholm 2021, and Vyacheslav "Innersh1ne" Britvin had to take his place.