Developing New Zealand’s Online Casino Sector: What Happens in 2023?

Over the past few decades, the gambling industry has flourished in New Zealand. There have been some challenges along the way, including the Covid-19 pandemic, which had a negative impact on land-based casinos. Nowadays, however, everything seems to be back on track, and internet gambling is on the rise in New Zealand — this is mainly thanks to the introduction of recent technological advancements such as smartphones and tablets. But these are not the only challenges NZ online casino industry faces. So, what does the future hold for online gambling in New Zealand in 2023?

Online Casino Laws in NZ

In the 1920s, NZ wagering regulations were first enacted, allowing online horse racing wagers before they were banned in 1961. It all changed with the Racing Act of 2003, allowing wagering on racing and sports events.

Offshore casinos are not regulated by the New Zealand Gambling Commission. There were amendments to the 2003 law in 2015, which is currently in effect in New Zealand. It states that it is illegal to run online casinos in New Zealand. Players can play in the best casino online in New Zealand hosted offshore without any restrictions or fear of prosecution. This means that you can deposit and withdraw your winnings from these websites without worrying about breaking any laws or getting into trouble with customs officials.

As opposed to most other countries, the New Zealand Gambling Commission does not regulate offshore casinos. It only regulates online gambling operators that are based in New Zealand. If you want to play at an online casino from another country, it's up to you to decide whether or not you trust the company.

NZ Lottery Online

As of 2008, online lottery ticket sales were legalised by the New Zealand Lottery Commission. The company is the only one that offers gambling through online casinos. Also, TAB has the right to accept horse race wagers on its website.

Online Casino Games Are Becoming More Popular in NZ

New Zealanders are increasingly attracted to playing casino games for many reasons. According to reports, online wagering increased by 14% in New Zealand in 2020. Those factors contributed to a 21% increase in profits for online casinos in 2020. Several factors contribute to this growth:

Challenges in the NZ Online Gambling Industry

New Zealand has a booming gambling industry — but there are some challenges ahead. The country is at the forefront of innovation in gaming technology and research, but there are some challenges ahead.

At present, the industry is regulated by the Gambling Act 2003. It hasn't been updated for years. Under current legislation, the state prohibits the licensing of additional casino venues. The licensing of local betting sites is also unlikely to happen in the near future.

Moreover, a full review of the regulation is expected to follow next year. Operators will need to follow updated regulations in regard to where they can place their machines, how they must train their staff and punishments for non-compliance.

Pesio Ah-Honi, director of Mapu Maia, a gambling support service for the Pasifika community, feels that laws need to be updated to reflect changes in the industry. This is especially true considering what's happening with online casinos, which are constantly changing and developing. She called the 2003 act out-of-date since it was enacted so long ago, as it no longer serves its purpose.

The New Zealand Gambling Scene

Land-based casinos are the main mode of gambling in New Zealand. As a matter of fact, there are six land-based casinos spread out across the country. Betting on horse races, sports, and online gambling is not illegal in the country. However, online gambling sites are not allowed to operate in New Zealand.

This restriction has been a hurdle for operators to overcome as they try to expand their operations into New Zealand. However, players who want to enjoy great games and win lots of money are willing to go through some hoops just for that chance!

These six land-based casinos suffered losses as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic. A new era of iGaming at offshore websites began in New Zealand in 2020. New Zealand's casino industry was impacted much more seriously as compared to other countries, including Australia and Canada.

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The Government Controls Gambling Through Its Department of Internal Affairs

The Gambling Commission of the Secretary of Internal Affairs regulates all types of betting in NZ, such as gaming machines and casinos, as well as lotteries and charity raffles. It also offers industry guidance, along with statistics about New Zealand gambling activity in general.

The department's role includes:


The New Zealand online gambling industry needs more time to become fully established. Currently, the internet gaming market in New Zealand is unclear. Many New Zealanders continue to play on offshore platforms to find the best options. Until more information becomes available, we can only speculate how this will develop. Given current trends in the gaming industry, New Zealand's online gambling and casino sites will likely become increasingly regulated.