Unraveling Arcane's Mysteries: Vander's Shocking Return as Warwick in Season 2 Revealed in Latest Teaser Trailer!

Vander, the esteemed father figure in Arcane, won our admiration with his honorable demeanor. However, the very qualities that endeared us to his character also hinted at an impending tragedy since his introduction.

The third episode of season 1, titled "The Base Violence Necessary for Change," validated this foreboding notion. In a heroic stand, Vander sacrifices himself, protecting one of the girls he considered his daughters. Yet, after the season finale, uncertainty lingered among fans, especially League of Legends enthusiasts, questioning if Vander's tale had indeed reached its conclusive end. Astute viewers caught subtle hints suggesting a potential return for Vander, albeit not as the loving fatherly figure we cherished in the initial part of season 1.

The latest teaser trailer now appears to confirm these speculations.

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Unraveling Arcane's Mysteries: Vander's Shocking Return as Warwick in Season 2 Revealed in Latest Teaser Trailer! 1

It seems that Warwick, whose backstory before the "agonizing experiments" is absent in League of Legends lore, may indeed be Vander. The teaser strongly suggests the involvement of the "Doctor," Singed, content with his ongoing and twisted experiments, possibly nearing completion. Prior to this teaser, a significant clue was the moment in season 1, episode 9, when Jinx fired Fishbones at the Piltover council chamber. Sting's "What Could Have Been" played during the poignant ending sequence, revealing Singed holding a picture locket—presumably of his "once had" daughter, as mentioned to Silco—before looking at a seemingly years-long project: Vander's body, possibly transforming into Warwick.

League of Legends lore describes Warwick as a man-made werewolf-like beast focused on hunting criminals in the undercity. This suggests that while Vander's morals may persist in some form, the admirable Hound of the Underground may be transformed into the relentless "wolf" known as Warwick.


A fan and Redditor offered insightful speculations when addressing doubts about Vander's return as Warwick. The implications of Vander's reintroduction as Warwick on the other characters and the overarching narrative remain unknown. These questions will likely find answers when Arcane Season 2 premieres in November 2024.